Thursday, August 8, 2019

Onward and Upwards and to the LEFT

Jump lesson with Kelly

Keep it Simple....

He MUST be hot off my leg....  Almost too spicy hot! Surging!

Steady... don't run, but forward... and a few strides out... go forward.

KEEP MY SHOULDERS UP!! No throwing myself at the fence

Hard drift right, so.... press my right hand to his withers and open the left hand but keep them both even and level... pinch the unicorns head off. Close the right leg. And almost over turn the turn so that he's a little counterbent coming to it.

That is all... Do not get sucked into making him round..... IF he is in front of my leg and forward... and i harness the energy... he will automatically go round. If someone tells me to collect him and make him round.. he is behind my leg... and getting him forward will fix it. It is better to make mistakes going forward, than to make mistakes going backwards.

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