Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Gorgeous day

Well... today was supposed to be a trail riding day at Watson Mill. And it would have been a glorious day! It got hot again but with an intermittent breeze. BUT... Kelli ended up working and I thought I might get a lesson and then I have too much to do for getting the house ready, so.... we just rode at Ashland. We did some dressage and then went for a hack. It was fun. Dan and I started out grumpy and not doing great, but we got in some good work. His shoulder in and haunches in were nice today. And we even got some practice at the half pass at the trot and got some fairly correct angles I think. We did some canter work and I can't quite figure out the aids again because now.. he's responding differently. But we did get it. And we had some nice trot and medium trot. So yeah... not too bad. I finished in the arena working on my left lead canter transition and got three decent ones with the final one being SUPER!!!! Like... it was correct, it was through, there was no hollowing or loss of connection, it was on the aids.. the only thing it lacked was confidence. It was a little hesitant because he wasn't quite sure how to coordinate all that. But it was lovely!

We had a nice great hack. It was just so pretty out. And then Kelli and I talked a little bit about how she loves my seat at the trot but at the canter I get a little too hula-y with my hips. So we played a tiny bit with me working on keeping my pelvis tucked, my core tight, and I thought about moving my hips up and forward with the canter. Kind of like how Cindy was always telling me to move my hips forward, NOT side to side, when I'm walking on the trails even with Fleck and Dan...  And it helped. A lot. I actually got a few really prompt canter transitions, especially to the right (The left was harder, but there) and the canter got quite nice too. :)

It was fun!

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