Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Today ... was a bust. :(

Had to ride at home... missed my lesson with Cindy because my truck is still in the shop. Tried to ride at home.... after a second night of not sleeping.... was already irritated. I tried very hard to not get mad at Dan, and I didn't! But I got very mad at myself. Sigh... I either don't know how to measure lines... or I don't know how to ride my horse.. or both. We kept getting 4.5 strides in the 4 stride... then when I decided to go for 4 strides... we got 4.5 .... so then I tried for 5 strides... we got 5.5. Sigh.. WTH?!? Ugh... we got a few good single jumps, but.. I just can't get the right canter in the field.. full of hills and bumps and angled...  and I'm rushed... sigh.. so I rewarded Dan for trying... and he was. He kept trying and he was going, but.. it was just awful.

I just wanted to cry...and my day didn't get much better after that...

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