Sunday, February 10, 2019

Oh man........

Well.. that sucks... But I am grateful to God for making it also not so sucky. 
I got up to ride this morning before Mike and I went to the Optimist for Oyster Happy Hour. It's COLD!! Like bitter cold...  and damp out and starting to mist a smidge. BUT.. it was cool because I was appropriately clothed and so excited about playing with some more dressage and then taking a long trail ride as Dan has been so good lately. 

So... we loaded up and got out the driveway and I noticed my "overdrive off" light flickered a few times despite me not touching it... And then we got to the fork in the road by Mr. Yorks and.... my engine tried to die. It sounded terrible and I lost most of my engine power.... So I stopped in the middle of the road and was trying to figure out what to do. I turned it off, turned it on, turned it off, turned it on... pulled off to the side of the road as best as I could and... shut it off. It was so bad I wasn't sure I could drive it back home. 

I ended up unloading Dan and walking him home. Thank goodness I had stuck the rope halter on him instead of his regular halter. Because did I mention it was cold, it was windy, and he's feeling super good with all of his recent vet work? And then there was flapping tarps in the woods... But he was SUPER and managed to keep all four feet on the ground the entire way. Even when the jerky girl in the mustang wouldn't slow down enough for us. 

I got him back in the pasture and Mike and I drove back up and the engine oil was fine.... so I cranked it back up and it sounded like normal, so... I turned it around and unhitched and home and drove it to the mechanic. I stopped to get gas even as I was getting sort of low and it started up fine again. Sigh... So frustrating. As now I was tempted to go ride anyways. BUT.. i was a good girl and took it to the mechanic. They aren't open today but it'll be there first thing in the morning. So... fingers crossed that it's an easy quick fix and I can get it back before my lesson Tuesday morning. 

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