Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cavaletti Day

That was tough. BUT SOOOO HELPFUL!!

Leg yield into the canters and allow a bit more forward into the upward transitions. Focus on my hips, nothing else. And honestly... I could just close my inside leg and he canters when we're set up to leg yield

When I get that lovely trot... soften by giving my hands the teeniest bit. He drops into the contact that way instead of us hanging on each other that little bit.

His left lead canter is hard for him because his left hind is SO far underneath himself, it's almost throwing his haunches to the outside. My inclination is to put my outside leg on... which is asking for a change. So instead, close my outside thigh up at his shoulder and ride shoulder fore. Keep the neck straighter, and lift the inside hand. Especially noticeable on the 10 meter circle. And keep my left hip moving up and up and up

We got some amazing downwards... although he cheated a little by anticipating, so I must keep my leg on. We got some really nice walks, but remember collected is "Small" in my brain, so don't go for too big when I should be collecting.

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