Sunday, September 16, 2018

Cheat Day!

So.... Regan wanted to take the day off so she asked if we could move our appointment of 12-15 horses from today to another day. Uhhhh.... not really! But.. we actually compromised, so now I'm doing two half days. Which means... I'll have to work on two of my days off, but I also get today off and then I will still have the half days to ride. So... it'll work. Of course I had already scheduled one more after the UGA barn, so luckily I could move her to 2:30. And then of course I ended up adding one more... sigh. But regardless, I was able to ride in the morning. :) yay!

Holy moly though it was hot and humid. It was just downright miserable today! Hurricane Florence is creating some really hot and steamy and humid atmospheres here. It was just yucky. So neither Dan nor I were feeling it, so... we just did a relaxing ride. We trotted and cantered some but I didn't have an agenda. We just rode and mostly walked. I tried to find hills and we tried to find some slightly different paths as I was getting a little tired of our usual route. It was a good ride! We had fun and enjoyed it. 

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