Saturday, April 29, 2017

Glorious Day!

Wow... what a pretty pretty day!

Today I got up early and headed to Ashland to ride. Kelli and I got started early and did some dressage. I warmed Dan up and he felt really good. We did our transitions, with sitting before, and we worked on all the things we've been working on in our last few lessons. 

Then I ran through the Novice Test as that's what we're riding at the BN3D. And it was LOVELY! Like... other than one slight head bob in an upward transition it was beautiful! Our free walk felt like a 9 or 10. He felt REALLY Good. So yeah, I think we'll be okay for next weekend if I can keep riding like that. 

Then we met Peri and George and went for a short trail ride. It was such a pretty day and we had fun. :) 

Tomorrow we have a jump lesson and then I'll take him for a bareback hack. :) And Swim!

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