Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fitness Ride

So... It's dawned on me that we leave soon for the BN3D. Like in two weeks!! Holy moly! I didn't get to do my lesson yesterday because my trailer tire was going to explode. That's what the deal was on the way to Fence. Sigh... So I had to get that taken care of. BUT... luckily I finished early enough to get a ride in today. So yay.

I wanted to go to the horse park but when I got there, the trails were closed. Sigh. So I went back to Ashland and we had a good time. I was playing with times and such and it looks like for the 3 day we have to do
  •  phase A: 11 minutes at 220 mpm, and for 2420 meters. (which translates to 1.5 miles).  And it turns out Dan can do a mile trotting in 7 minutes. So... check
  • phase B: 1200 m at 400 mpm (no jumps). Pretty sure that's a check
  • phase C: 4620 m  at 220 mpm in 21 minutes (which tranlastes to 2.8 miles). So I think we're still good. 
  • Phase D: XC!!
So anyways... we played around and ended up doing 6.9 miles in 1.5 hrs. We did two 7 minute trot sets, 1 3 minute canter set, and then another few sets of trots and canters but not times specifically. Lots of walking too. And he wasn't that winded or that sweaty. :)

It was a good ride. But man I need to work on my two point. :)

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