Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fun Day

Had a quick jump around with Peri and then a short hack before heading to Fence.

Someone had set up a grid with a bounce to a one stride with a very wide vertical to a one stride. Dan did it without giving it a second glance but chipped in the one stride. I misheard Peri and thought she was saying that I needed to get him to lengthen. I think she meant the complete opposite but they way she phrased I heard lengthen. And... I was thinking he put in too short of a stride (But I swear I was thinking it was a two stride he put in and it was supposed to be a one). So anyways... I pushed on landing and he bounced the one stride after the wide oxer. Twice. Oops.. Once I figured out what she meant, I was able to collect him and compress him and we got a tight one stride but a one stride. Doh!

We also worked on preventing the right drift but WHISPER HOLLY!!!! He doesn't drift to the right IF I just think heavy left stirrup and close my right leg. I do NOT need to hold that darn left rein and prevent him from basculing. It's the same problem I have on the flat. Sigh... I've got to remember to ask Kelly, Cindy, and Beth how to fix it... I guess focus on the supple elastic connection and not hanging on it. ;)

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