Saturday, December 17, 2016

Yay! Almost sound again!

 Today was a good day. I managed to get home in time for a ride so we ran up to Ashland quickly and got on. We had enough daylight to do a quick hack and snack in the XC field to warm up and then go to the arena and then finish with another quick hack (less snacking).
 We had a pretty decent dressage ride. He was sound and I didn't appreciate really any abnormalites in his gait, so yay! We worked a little bit on him but mostly on me and applying my biomechanics lesson stuff. Danny felt pretty good and we got some good work in.

 After the dressage school we went for another hack and went up some of the hills. We were chasing the sunset and sitting watching at the top of the XC field. Suddenly we heard footsteps and another horse and rider came galloping across the field. Dan held it together until they disappeared over the hill. Then he bucked and bolted and I just let him go. We galloped up to the top of the hill where the horse was and then he stopped. Wheee! So then we had to meander a bit longer to make sure he was nice and cooled out. ;)

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