Friday, December 2, 2016

Fixing Me

Another great lesson with Danny! He's getting to be SOOO much fun! We worked a little bit on leg yielding and shoulder in today and... I had an aha moment! Cindy was saying that I was not bringing my hip forward. And yep.. sure enough, when I got that hip swinging again, his back could move again. Ohhhhhh.... He really did follow my hips!

I'm trying to remember what else.. cause it was a good lesson, but... it's now Friday night and I'm tired. Ooops. 

But I do remember this... as I have photos. ;) I hosed Dan down after his lesson because he got a little sweaty and was just dirty. And it had rained the night before.. for the first time in EONS. Which meant we finally had something other than dust. He had his cooler on for the ride home so when he got home I unloaded him and let him pee and then pulled his cooler off. I went in the barn to hang it up to dry and grab his sheet and then went back out to put his sheet on. 
I was greeted by this...  UGH!

 So.. he got to stay naked the rest of the day. Doh!

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