Saturday, December 17, 2016

Not so slow for LSD day

Yeah... Danny was LIT UP today! The original plan was to go to Hard Labor Creek or Watson Mill but I ended up with a migraine all night and couldn't get my day rolling quick enough. So we decided to just take our time in the morning and go to Harbins instead. 
When we got to Harbins Dan came off the trailer HOT! He was all bug eyed and just looked like he was full of spit and vinegar. Kelli suggested that I should hop on and take him out for a little energy burning and then come back and get her. She suggested this before even taking her pony off the trailer. He was that fired up. Hee hee. So I hopped on and headed off. 
I did not get to do the warm up I was hoping for. So we ended up walking a little bit, trotting a little bit and then cantering. The trails there are not very wide and fairly windy in places so we had a few areas of chaos where I thought we might sideswipe a tree or wipe out ourselves. I managed to keep him mostly under control and because he didn't know where we were going and the terrain was twisty and turny enough, he listened. We hit a spot in the trail that I wasn't sure which way to go so I decided to just head back the way we came. There was a little fallen log so I let him jump that and then we cantered on. And... we pretty much cantered the entire way home. Doh! Only this time he was much more willing to stay a bit more up and balanced and not get quite so fast. He did keep trying to open up in the open stretches but it's so twisty that the long stretches aren't that long. But we had fun. We ended up doing 2.6 miles in 20 minutes and he came back to the trail literally steaming with spit and dirt all over his chest. Goof!
Luckily that settled him down because he was perfect for just about the entire rest of our ride. We picked Kelli up and headed out and Dan walked flat footed and on the buckle for most of the ride. We did some trotting and when he was in the back he was naughty and kept cantering instead of trotting. But I did manage to get some good trot eventually. And then we also did some little canters which was fun. As we finished the 6 mile loop (remember that Dan has already done 2.6 miles prior to starting the 6 mile) and headed on the 4 mile loop, both ponies were fairly tired. So we let them walk on a loose rein. About 1.5 miles from home, they both got their second wind! Dan got all fired up and we almost took off. We managed a little trot and he settled. But when we got back to the trailers Dan still felt like he could go around again. Jeesh!! This horse has no bottom!

 And... apparently someone was decorated the trails! We saw a bunny face on a tree, a Santa pez dispenser, and this! Danny thought the ornaments were great fun! Hee hee. He's so silly!

Christmas Toys

Anyways, it was a great day and hopefully Danny is feeling better for good! He was the tiniest bit sore after our ride but not bad considering! Hopefully that heel bulb is on the mend!

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