Saturday, December 3, 2016


Today was a great day. I took both boys to Ashland for a ride. It was a bit chilly and damp feeling but not too bad. Danny was a little bit on fire which was fine! We had fun.

We headed out and ran into 3 people riding. I stopped and asked where they were going so that I could plan where to gallop. Then I saw that the other riders had headed in, so I knew I had some openings. So I told them I would probably gallop up the hill and headed off towards the lake intending to loop around. Danny was good leaving the herd and we trotted off and put in some warm up. Then we trotted down to the hills we usually gallop up and see them! Thank goodness I didn't take the more direct route! I might have plowed them down. So we took the long sandy path along the river and trotted and then took the windier path back along the other side of the river. Danny was on the muscle and we had a lovely big bold canter. Then I let him go up the hill and while he enjoyed it, he didn't hit the next gear.

I thought I would let him try again in the cross country field but the 3 girls were out there again. So.. we decided to just join in and play with them. We did some flat work and then jumped a little. Dan was on fire today!! We had some awesome jumps. Even some of the training level cabins! I headed to one and as I got 4 strides out I thought "hmm... that's big!!! But too late now!". He jumped it beautifully though. And I worked on sinking my seat down and back a bit, closing my hip angle, and keeping my heels down and slightly in front. No idea if it worked, but it felt good. :)

Somehow I didn't get any pictures. I think because when we first started he was a little animated and then we just joined in on the fun. We did a little hack after to cool off but it was with one of the girls, so I was chatting instead of taking pictures. Oh well.

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