Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

I got to go for a ride!! Rode Fleck with Kelli for a long walk ride. Ahhhh... I love that horse so much.

Then I hopped on Danny to play for a bit. We had a fun quick jump school. He was great and we had some good fences. He was leaning into my right leg some and drifting some so Kelli had me counter bend him a bit. Which helped. I also closed my leg into him. Once I got his shoulders more square, he was much straighter and we had a few pretty nice round basculed fences :) I also worked hard and got him straighter. :)

So yep. A VERY MERRY Christmas!!! Mike and I spent the morning together, then I rode both boys, then Mike and I spent the evening together. Ahhhhh

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