Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Upping the Ante

So... no more babying the baby.

I could tell that I was babying Dan and floating the reins to him as soon as I started my ride today. But it's hard because I'm focusing on keeping him in front of my leg. And when I close the connection, he gets lazy. So.... I think at home I can continue to work on "shock and awe" and forward but in public places with lots of other horses, I feel a little obligated to tone it down some. But regardless, he needs to learn to go and stay in front of my leg WITH contact. He's ready for it. I'm not doing him any favors not making him go there. So... BAD HOLLY!!! Time to up the ante and get more connection.

We had some nice work today despite me forgetting connection. But with Cindy reminding me we got some good work. And some nice canters too! We even did a full legit shallow serpentine on both leads. Yay!!

Cindy reminded me though at the end of my lesson that "Shock and Awe" was great but that I should have a second step in the middle. Her thought was that if I asked nicely and he didn't respond.. he needs shock and awe. But she wants me to use my leg next and then go to the whip. She said that he should be electric off my leg not the whip. Aha... makes sense.

So... next ride will be ask gently with my legs, then bam bam bam pony club kick (not kick and hold and squeeze) and then shock and awe with the whip. :)

Good baby horse!! And man... he soooooo needs to be clipped!!! I'm just waiting out this weekend so Mike doesn't have to deal with blankets hopefully. But poor guy was so sweaty.

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