Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fun in the woods

 You know... Not much beats galloping Dan through the woods. It's utterly amazingly fun. We had a nice hack and then we crossed the creek in the back. There is that long stretch of winding path all the way along the creek to the bottom of the 5 uphill paths. I let Dan canter the whole way. Ohhhhh my.... it's such an amazing canter. And I love his little snorts with each stride. He's so supple and limber even through the twists and turns. Of course he picked up the pace and went for a little hand gallop part way through. I let him! But then it starts to get a little scary with all the leaves and twists and turns and his stride getting longer and longer! But it was fun!

Then we went into the arena for some proper canter work. ;) He's really getting to be such a good boy. We had some nice work in the arena. 

Ahh..... he can totally turn my day around!

While we were in the XC field we saw two bucks grazing. Dan was a little apprehensive at first but he watched carefully and then realized we were fine and they weren't spotty eating deer. :)

Gosh... I really am blessed, aren't I?! :)

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