Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Squirt is turning into a grown up!

I can't decide if I'm sad or glad! Either way I'm proud! Danny is turning into such a good boy. Either it's just time or all those beat downs this week and last have made an impression. ;) Ha!

Kathryn came out today to work on Dan and he was sooooo good! Like seriously good. We barely had to yell at him or fuss at him or pull the lead rope out of his mouth. He was almost still! Okay, so maybe not still, but he was much less fidgety. Kathryn said it could be that now that his sacrum is no longer locked, his brain can be quiet. Makes sense. Of course I believe some of it is age and some of it is me laying down the law. Regardless, he was great. He got a little fussy when she went to his poll again and while she was playing with him I saw where he was locked. I asked her if I could adjust his poll real quick and she let me. And he actually was good for it and leaned into it and it was a really good adjustment. I think the combination was perfect because this may have been the only time I've REALLY gotten his poll. He thought so too because he licked and chewed and yawned and then she was able to get the rest of what she wanted to get. Good stuff!! She was pleased with how loose and behind him his butt looks now too!

 Ha ha. His face cracks me up! And don't be too impressed... I did have to remove my shirt from his teeth twice. ;)

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