Sunday, September 6, 2015

My FEI appy. ;)

So... another fun lesson with Cindy. Danny worked HARD today. We had some decent work at the trot and then we went on to the canter. There was more swapping and antics, but we kept at it and he eventually held it. But it took a much firmer contact on the outside shoulder. I had to collect the outside. And keep a good hold on the outside rein. :) But man... we got some LOVELY canter work out of him today. :) Super fancy. Cindy mentioned something about taking THAT canter to the FEI. And some poor little girl sitting next to her watching was like "You're gonna take an App to FEI?" all incredulous like. ;) hee hee. Then she backpedaled and was like... "I mean, awesome!! Love it!". ha! Pretty sure that Dan and I will not be going FEI. Not with me anyways. 

Though Kelli mentioned that maybe it would benefit us both to have someone else hop on Dan for a few rides and for me to sit on a "schoolmaster" for a few rides. Maybe then I could get a better feel and realize how much my leg is moving. So.... I'm still stubborn and not sure, but... she's probably right. 

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