Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fancy Pants

Wheeee!!! Danny is getting fancy! :)

We had a great lesson today. Dan is really stepping up his game. He was the most consistent he's been ever in the contact today. I suppose it helps that I finally started having a consistent outside rein connection too. ;) But he got fancy. We worked on some good stuff too. I think Cindy had me run through pieces of First Level Test 3. Egads!! We did leg yield, halt to trot, and even a baby lengthen. :) Of course he wasn't really in a first level frame the whole time. But he was pretty darn nice. We managed to keep our canter leads both ways too and our canter was quite nice.
Wheee!!! He's getting to be so much fun! 

Christine asked if we were doing Felicitas. I told her no, because I couldn't afford it. She said it was too bad, because Felicitas would love him. :) :) Whoo hooo. That's awesome. Maybe I'll have to save up for the next one. 

Fancy pants baby! He was even well behaved today. Although... ha!... at the end of our lesson, Cindy was bragging on him. And as he was waiting for his cookie, Ari rode by and Dan snaked his head at him with pinned ears. Such a punk. 

 But we wuvs each other. :)


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