Sunday, September 20, 2015

Lazy Sunday

Today was a bit of a lazy day for riding. But we had fun.

I rode Dan first and we went out for a hack. After a little hack in the woods we went in the XC field and I made him trot up the hill three times. That's hard work! I also attempted to trot through the water without stopping to play. Ha! It didn't work. The first time through he slammed on the breaks and drank and pawed. Sigh. But the second time through he kept going. We even went into the water down the bank and then up out over the bank.
We then had a nice little super short hack in the XC field. He was actually quite fancy and polite. After that we went to the lake and splashed some more and then we found some hills and did a bit more hacking, including some trotting and cantering. 

He was a good pony and we had fun. We ended up in the field and came out near the stadium ring. I wasn't planning on it but they had the white little coop set up, so.. I couldn't resist. I trotted him over it both directions and it was like he learned!! He actually locked onto it and aimed for it, instead of trying to go around it. Yay! We attempted it at the canter and he did good but his striding was way off. Sigh... It's all good. We'll eventually get there. :)


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