Saturday, September 12, 2015

Lovely Day

Today was such a beautiful day!! I slept in and then took both boys to Ashland. The weather is glorious!!! I rode Fleck first and we did our fitness. Then as we headed back in, we met Judy on Cash. She said that Dan and I should join her and Andi in the field. So after I got Fleck hosed and iced and back on the trailer, Dan and I headed out to the field. 
(Dan says... "Moooooommmmm, don't forget about me!"

He was a bit naughty but it was good for us. We hacked in the field while Judy and Cash and Andi and Phoebe were working. And Clay was running the tractor too. Dan started okay but within a few minutes he was up to antics. At one point he reared up and twisted a little. It was enough to scare me that he might go down so I got pissed and made him work. We did 20 meter canter circle figure 8's with simple lead changes. That got his brain thinking. Then we did some trot work up the hill. Ha!! Guess it's time to do some fitness with Dan because after about the fourth trot up the hill he decided it was work and he was ready to behave. :) But really, not too bad. 

So then Andi was hopping over some fences so I decided to pop Dan over the two little logs. He was hilarious! He jumped them quite nicely and then about face planted three strides after landing. Clutzy! So then Andi offered to video so we hopped over a few more times. He's gonna be sooooo much fun when I get full control and he gets it. :) :) 
Then we went for a nice long hack and he was well behaved. Yay! Tomorrow I plan to ride both boys again and it's supposed to be glorious again!!! I Love Fall.


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