Tuesday, July 7, 2015


So....somebody put on their fancy pants this morning!!

I told Cindy that I was riding Dan first so that he didn't have an hour sitting bored in the trail scheming of fun things to do when we rode. ;) hee hee. I was really kidding, as the main reason was so that Fleck and I could go for a hack after and find some trails. But I think it worked!

Dan came out ready to work. There was no snorty squealing baby tantrums today. He was a star! We were able to work on our connection and keeping that left shoulder in line and he was even over his back some today. :) :) YAY!!!

I'm trying to remember the key points, but...
  • the right lead canter is all about the right bend. He has to yield that ribcage and contract the right side of his body. In order to do that I have to actually give a little on the outside rein so that he has room to go into it. I can block slightly with my outside leg back slightly, but I can't clamp it on and prevent him from going there. 
  • Remember to post quickly up from the saddle. Forward in a fairly quick tempo, but with long strides. He tends to suck me into the saddle too long.
  • It's ALL about seat aids! The right leg should tell him to bend around it and soften that rib cage. My leg shouldn't move from the right place when I ask for bend, ask for the canter, or ask for a leg yield. But he should be able to discern the difference based on my seat aids and my body position. And.. it works! :) 
So yep. It was a great lesson. Danny really stepped up his game today. Cindy said he started his ride as good as he finished last time. He's making it hard to take it slow with him! Even Zanne was impressed and was saying how he looked like a whole different horse than last time and how grown up he was looking. "He had steering!". hee hee.

Yay. Good day. 

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