Tuesday, July 21, 2015

No Shenanigan Lesson

Hmmm.... perhaps he's not concocting evil plans sitting in the trailer waiting his turn. :)
I rode Fleck first today and left Dan to scheme in the trailer. But he was good!! Granted I took him for a quick little trot around the pastures before we went into the arena. But there were NO shenanigans. :)

He was great. We worked on my position a good bit and keeping my elbows at my side. But he was quite happy to be in the connection. Cindy reminded me that his poll was where it should be. Instead of pulling his head down when he felt inverted, I needed to ride him into the connection but upwards!!! So soft crotch and think up with my hands. I'm not sure how I accomplished this but I did. I was thinking "up" with my hands, my crotch, and... everything. I guess it worked. ;)

Then we did some more of focusing on my shoulders. We finished with working on the canter from the walk. Eeks! It was hard. I couldn't get it because he was sluggish and trotted or picked up the wrong lead or both. Cindy had me do a turn on the forehand, hindquarters turning out, which caused him to lift and step into the outside hind and then push off the outside hind, thus getting the proper lead. I kept trying but it was hard. She said I was pushing them down, which is why I was having trouble with the leads lately. And I guess I am. But I couldn't coordinate how to lift while also closing my leg. So we tried. And tried again. And again. And again. And finally! I got it. I lifted with my inside seat bone and closed my whole leg and it was like I had suction cupped Dan to my leg. He lifted with me and essentially was lifted into the right lead canter. It was glorious! And it was such a lovely canter too! It was uphill and a normal stride length instead of long. He went UP into the canter rather than forward into the canter. Yahooo!

So now I just have to remember that and keep asking for the canters that way. :)

Oh, AND.... when I turned him and Fleck out there was no water bucket shenanigans this time. :) But look at that face.. .it screams "I'm just being silly... let's play"! :) 

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