Sunday, July 19, 2015

Splash Party

Dan has gotten a few days off because of work and Fleck and the heat. But I wanted to ride both Saturday. Mike and I had a fun date day/night planned so I wasn't sure I'd have time. But I threw Dan in the trailer anyways. I figured worst case scenario, he could stand on the trailer in the shade eating hay. And besides, he is in trouble! Not for dumping me. That was just sillyness and my inability to stick the antics. But yesterday during dinner I was flyspraying him and he kicked me. He's NEVER done that before. NEVER! So I threw the flyspray at him and chased him around with the broken broom. He ran into the round pen so I shut the gate and made him work! But... I was able to work him without a halter or lead or stick. Granted I did still have the broom in my hand. But I got him working for about 5 minutes and then I barely dropped my shoulder and he turned in and stopped and looked at me. He could tell I was pissed! So, after three really good "crouching tigers", I let him stop. And then I chased him off his hay a few times because he made dirty faces at me. Then he was like "okay... I love you.... please take my hay and I'll keep smiling at you"! Yep... yep you will, you little turd! I still don't know exactly what happened because I was on the phone with my mom and had just hung up. I know I sprayed one side and was going to the other when he got me. But I have no idea if it was directed at me or more of a spook. He barely got me. But still not allowed!

So anyways, if he had to sit in the trailer for a few hours I was okay with that. It was early enough and not too horribly hot. So I rode Fleck while he stood there. We finished in the lake and Fleck splashed and hung out a bit. Gail was with me on her horse and they actually went swimming. So I decided I had just enough time to swap out horses and ride Dan bareback down to the lake for a swim. I was really hoping that between the antics at Cedar Ridge and the kick, he wasn't going to dump me since I was bareback. Especially because there was SOOOOOO many people at Ashland this morning. ;) But he was good. A bit dancy but not bad. We were joined with Andi and Barb and Phoebe and Gail and Be, so we walked down there. 
 Danny swims! (In the background)
Almost a swim 
It was SOOOO much fun. Dan played and played and actually took me for a real swim. It was hilarious. He got super deep with only his nose out and I was like.... "okay.. do something instead of just standing there!" So then he porpoised out. It was slippery! But so much fun. Then he played some more and we went for one more little baby swim. He swam and it was for real swimming but only for a teeny little circle. Wheeee! Then it was time to head back and get ready for date night! Fernbank and oysters at the Optimist!!! Yay! 

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