Monday, February 24, 2014

Better Baby!

He redeems himself :)
He loaded right up with Fleck and off we went to Ashland. I tacked him up and he didn't flinch. It's been awhile since he had the saddle on. We walked up to the jump ring and I put him on the circle. He walked and trotted well and even cantered both ways fairly well. Going to the left is definitely tougher for him. He wasn't as consistent with picking up the left lead as the right and he was much more resistant to turning. But he did it. And he didn't get away, though he tried a few times. Little brat! So then I added the side reins but left them pretty loose. He was a little grumpy, but settled into them and was quite nice. We got the right lead canter pretty well, but the left lead was even tougher going to the right with the side reins. We managed it but it took some serious coaxing. I praised the heck out of him and we finished. I do have to laugh at him because he's such a goof. He gets praised and wants to come in for loving. Good boy!

He was pretty decent for his bath and was a very good boy hanging out in the trailer while Fleck and I went for our ride. I think I actually left him in there for an hour and a half! Oops!

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