Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow to Sunshine

What a difference a week makes!!! Last week was an ice/snow storm and this week, Tuesday dawned warm and sunny!!! Like for real sunny and warm! I got a lot of sleep at work the night before so I decided it was too pretty of a day to sleep, so I packed up both boys and away we went.

I rode Fleck first and Dan was pretty good just chilling in the trailer. There was another girl lunging in the rings and Danny was pretty up. I didn't want to mess up her mojo, so we headed out to the XC field. Danny was amped but we went to work. He was a pretty good kid. I'm a little worried about his canter. Especially going to the right, he wants to cross canter behind. Guess I better get his adjustment done. But when he was able to run into it (instead of bolt into it) and wasn't on too small of a circle, he was able to get the proper lead and hold it. So we worked on that. There was definitely some shenanigans. He was trying to eat and kicked himself in the chin again. Which actually made a mark. And then promptly initiated some bucks and squirting off! Unfortunately, pulling back on him I ended up breaking the rope halter. (Wyatt had already chewed it almost in half... I just finished the job). Eeeks!!! Luckily it held enough for me to walk to beast back to the trailer and put his Micklem on. Then back out we went. 

This time we played on XC. We walked into the water and he had a blast!!! He pawed like crazy! Never would lie down, but pawed up a storm. I couldn't get him to go down the bank into the water but I also didn't have on waterproof shoes and didn't want to get wet. But he went in and out of the water happily and out going out the up bank. :) Then we went to the regular ditch and he got the hang of it. I wouldn't say he "walked" through them, but he walked up to them and gently jumped over. :) :) We also went up and down the regular bank which was "No sweat"! Then we lunged over/jumped 2-3 little logs. All in all, he was really good :) :) 

Both boys worked up enough of a sweat that they were both rinsed. Of course Danny danced a bit but really no more than Fleck. :) Yay! 

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  1. I can't believe the changes in weather this past week! Snow, then ice, the sun and warmth! Spring needs to come and stay a while!