Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lunging woes

ooooh, bad baby horse...  
 I decided to do another lunge session with Danny but was running a bit late so I did it at home instead of elsewhere. He started out pretty decently. He was mostly listening and only squirted off a few times. And I was able to hold him. But about 15 minutes into it (maybe... maybe not even that long), he bolted enough that I lost him. Argh. He didn't go far so I caught him and we went again. It was when I was asking him to canter. So I asked again and again he broke loose. Only this time he went all the way back to the barn. Argh... 

I was annoyed at him for bolting off but also frustrated because I couldn't figure out how to get him to canter on the lunge. He just can't get his lead and hold it. Lots of cross firing and counter cantering. But he did manage it a few times but it was only a few strides and when I asked him to bend around me on the lunge, he couldn't do it. That's when he bolted. So... I'm just a little worried that he can't canter!!! Though I know better. He's young.. it's a tight circle, slippery footing, etc. He cantered just fine at Ashland. 

So anyways... I caught him and put him in the round pen. Try to run away from me now little butt!! Still very hard for him to canter. And it was not really fair to ask since it was so slick in there. So I got two strides minimum and then let him go back to trot. But I was still a little pissed at him too, for bolting. So I took him down to the old ring area and made him canter both ways down there. It was much better. He still didn't want to bend, but he did. 

So yeah... I guess he wasn't that naughty... but he finished on a good note. We'll try later this week at Ashland and see if it's better at Ashland.  And do an adjustment :)

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