Saturday, February 1, 2014

Burning off some steam!

With the weather being uncooperative... Danny's been slacking. We were able to get out of the driveway so I took both boys to Ashland figuring they both needed to work. I did Dan first and since I was running a bit short on time, opted to lunge him in the ring. The footing was phenomenal there and I was a little worried about the footing in the woods and XC course. 

Danny was pretty good. He's lost a little bit of his responsiveness to the stop and go the other way cue. He's also a bit pokey picking up the canter when I ask, but he's got walk/trot down. We had some good work and then I decided to take pictures. I had to take one glove off and hold the phone in one hand. He was really good. At first! Then he realized I guess, and bolted. I managed to hang on briefly, which resulted in me being pulled forward and then belly flopping on the ground. Ugh... It didn't hurt but I pulled my butt muscle and got a bit of rope burn on my hand. He ran back to the trailer and ate 2 apples. Twit!

I got him back into the ring and we went back to work. He behaved this time. :) Then we were done and headed back to the ring. 

But... here's the pictures I got. :)

and yes... he has kicked himself in the face before....

Oh, and then I made him pose in the snow for pictures!

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