Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Glorious Day

I decided to take Danny for pony off Fleck because it was just too pretty of a day not to. It was a Saturday, which... I usually try to avoid because I prefer less traffic in case Danny gets a wild hair. But it was late enough in the day and there wasn't anyone else signed up, so off we went. I rode Fleck first and then got Dan. I thought about lunging him first, but I just didn't have time. So he came off the trailer and back on Fleck I went, and then off all three of us went. And Danny was Fantastic!! He was really really good. 

He behaved himself quite nicely and the only antics were him chewing on Fleck a bit. But there was no pulling back or trying to get away. We even came up on a single horse and rider and then another group with horses and dogs. He didn't mind one bit. He was curious, but not nervous or naughty. He crossed all the creeks and bridges without hesitation and drank well too. We also passed two different sets of geese and he didn't react. Granted, Fleck was between the geese and him, but still. The only thing that got him a bit up was the golf cart. And that got Fleck a bit razzed too. They came down a steep hill and moving fairly quick. So it was a little scary. 

We did about 3 miles and even included some trotting. Danny was mostly good and only cantered a teeny bit but stayed even with Fleck the whole time. We finished off by playing in the lake. Both boys had a blast! As did I. It totally helped my grumpyness and bad mood!


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