Saturday, August 4, 2012

Same old, same old....

Work has been awfully busy so I'm slacking, but... basically we've been doing more of the usual with Danaroo. He did get this week off and it was not good for him! He definitely thrives on attention and needs a "job", even as a yearling!

We did another trail with Fleck and Danny was great!! I really think he shows off for other people. Which...may come in handy. :) I got some great pics... it was a beautiful morning, nice and early. We were all by ourselves and it was so quiet and nice.


Then on the way back home, Danny caught sight of the cross country field and was READY to go!!
Isn't that a game face!?!

We've also been working in hand some more. He was so naughty at Ashland here the last time but then next time at home he was a perfect gentleman. So... typically baby. And like I said, he's a show off. So we'll just keep working on it. We've also gotten farther with the clippers and practiced a few braids. I'll definitely need to shorten and thin that mane! Hoping to get to it this weekend because next weekend is the debut!

Oh, and then there was more baby hilarity... I'll put that on another post though. 

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