Friday, August 10, 2012

Getting Ready

So... Mr Danomite has been getting prepped for his FEH debut. It's not been going so well. Ha! Well... that's not entirely true. He's been pretty good at home, but when I get him out to other farms it all goes to pieces. That boy is a show off. Today he was HORRIBLE!!! Like rearing and even came at me with a hoof. We had a come to Jesus meeting and we're good now, but it ended up with him with a chain over his nose. I hated to do it, but he's got to learn respect. And that's what it took today. So.. while we're at home, we'll work on his good boy manners. And when we're away.. we'll insure his good boy manners with the chain. :) I think gelding him will help too. And its the age hes' at. He's a typical teenage boy right now. But today was frustrating.

But, like I said, we ended on a good note. And... he stood on the trailer with only Houston in the other trailer to keep him company while the "big brothers" went out of sight for a jump lesson. :) And I managed to clip his muzzle yesterday. And his mane is cut and mostly pulled.

And in the future... I'll want that bit of spunk and attitude. So I'm trying not to quell it... just quiet it down a bit. :)

So.. hoping we, and everyone else, survive this weekend! Pictures to come. I'm looking forward to it... since I'll be well armed. :)

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