Friday, August 10, 2012

Wake up.. it's time for school

So... this morning (before the naughtyness in the previous post)... I woke up early and went to feed the kids. Dan was sleeping in the dirt and Fleck was sleeping in the stall on the shavings. :) I didn't want to spook them so I was calling to them. Dan looked up over his shoulder at me and let out the biggest horse yawn and then.. went right back to passed out. I snuck in to Fleck and snuggled with him for a minute before he got up. Then I went back out to Dan.. who was still asleep. I snuggled with him for a minute and he lifted his head, yawned twice and laid it back down. At this point I'm starting to worry that he's colicky. But nope.. he's just being a lazy boy. I finally noticed him getting up when I went into the feed room and starting getting breakfast ready. But I was giggling.. he was like a little kid before school. "No... I don't wanna get up".... "Just five more minutes". Hee hee....

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