Sunday, August 5, 2012

Silly bored Baby

So.. darn this computer for not loading my videos, but.... be assured.. they are HILARIOUS!!

Danny is a riot!!! A hoot and a half! He's soooo mouthy.. and such a baby boy!

I bought him a giant ball... It took about 20 minutes to pump/blow up. It lasted all of 8 minutes.... He played with it for about 30 seconds.. realized he couldn't bite it and gave up. Then I bounced it at him again... and he caught on. He bounced it a bit. Rolled it and then chased it (almost running into the tree!). Then chased it so more, them somehow managed to grab a hold of it in his teeth. He smacked himself upside the head with it - and it made the classic "boink" noise which was hilarious! Then he flung it down the cliff, went to rescue it, and in the process... popped it! DOh... All of five minutes into really playing with it. Argh... Oh well. He then proceeded to fling the empty rubber around a bit. Then got bored and grabbed his small jolly ball and played with it. Then ran to the stall and came out with the feed bin and then the halter. Hee hee.... Classic Dan.

So then... another day, but same ol' antics... I had feed that I needed to unload. I knew I wasn't going to be able to get three bags in the barn before the horses (ie the boys!) ripped holes in the bags, so... I put the three bags in the back seat. I then pulled the truck down to the barn and went to get their breakfast ready figuring I'd unload the feed while they were eating. Well.... yes, except both boys stuck their heads in the truck. Fleck was content to just look and realize there was nothing edible. Danny had to taste test to make sure! He was like a bad dog locked in the car... he tried to chew on the seat!! Pulled on the seatbelt... threw the mail around... picked up the car keys... flung my wallet out in the dirt, and ate my sunglasses!!! Really baby horse, really?!?!  What a goofball!!!


Oh baby horse.... I've got my work cut out for me!!

Oh, and then... Flecks new saddle came! In order to try it on him and not have Dan chew on it... I gave him the box. This is what was left of it.... Guess it's not going back!!!


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