Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Water Fun

Because what else do we do on a hot summer day??

We met a friend with her mare and then Christina with Sham and May for a trail ride today. We started out a bit bouncy but Dan soon settled down. We hit the first creek... and NOPE!!! Dan wouldn't cross it!! What???!!! We did this multiple times last week. It only took about 5-10 minutes to get him over and then he did pretty well with the others. Then we hit the lake because by this time all the horses were sweaty and hot! It was humid.

Dan didn't swim, but... he did go completely under!! ha ha... He spent a good bit splashing around and hanging out and then suddenly decided to lay down. Hee hee.... Cute!!! But then he thought, wow... this feels so good, I'll roll and get both sides. Unfortunately mr. smarty pants rolled to the deep end and submerged himself completely. He jumped up and was like "What the heck just happened?!" and was all blinky eyed, droopy eared, and sopping! We all had to laugh at him. Hee hee... Poor kid.

Fleck had fun too. He was sticking his whole nose in and blowing bubbles! And Sham and May both splashed around and Grace even did a bit of swimming!

Anyways... then we went back to the water complex and he walked right in, and trotted in. But... he wouldn't trot out. He was having too much fun. However, he did canter the whole way through. Then he jumped down the bank into water!!! Once... I couldn't get him to do it a second time, but he had fun the first time. He hunkered down and launched. hee hee.

All in all, a good day.

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