Friday, September 27, 2019

Onward and Upward

We're getting it!! We're getting it :) :) :)

had a lesson at Shakerag in her jump field... studded (smart move, dry grass is slick).

Keep it simple...

Get him in front of my leg and an appropriate regular canter. Not a XC canter.. just a regular cater.. Count the rhythm. Then... as I'm 5 strides out... allow by softening (not raising) my hand... and if he goes, great. If he doesn't.... ask firmly (so that he becomes super responsive to my softening) and go forward to the fence. Also, remember that when it's a new fence or something that intimidates me.... when I soften, go ahead and ask gently with my calves so that he knows I mean it despite my body secretely ratting me out. ;)

And... in warm up... Dab! He is good and not fighting me, but.. he needs the reminder!

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