Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Early ride

I wasn't going to get to ride this morning but my first appt cancelled so yay! I had to get up early... and I'm exhausted. I was ready for bed at 9:45 last night but then the fridge broke so... it was 11ish before I got to bed. And I got up at 3 am... 5 am... at least once more. But.. it's all good. I still got up at 6:30 and went and rode. It wasn't too terribly hot but the sweat was still dripping down my face and Dan was lathered. We only worked for like 30 minutes too!

He was good. We got normal halts on centerline, no more reining stops! We got decent leg yields, right is still better than left. We got good shoulder in and haunches in. Our left lead canter felt fantastic but the right lead is suffering a bit now. Interesting..... But we got all our leads and even did left lead on centerline from the walk to 10 meter circle to walk to right lead on centerline to 10 meter circle. Oh wait, we did miss one lead... when we changed to the left lead across the diagonal through the walk, but.. he held the counter canter on the short side, so... that's a win. We had nice counter canter loops both ways and had good mediums, not quite our usual ones, but not bad. So yeah, not too shabby at all!

We then went on a quick hack to the lake and back and that was it. Time to go to work!

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