Thursday, December 13, 2018

What what?!?! Another day to ride!?!?!

Whoo hoo! I should probably be busting my hiney to make more money given the time of year, Fleck's vet bill, my hospital bill, etc, etc, etc. But... I worked my tail off the last two weeks so.. I'm enjoying it! I finished around 4:30 today and it wasn't raining and it wasn't too terribly cold! Yahoo!! Off we went. I just couldn't really decide what to do... saddle wise and riding wise. I was tempted to just hit the trails, but... I also wanted to ride through the dressage test since I actually read it and learned it, and I also wanted to play a bit more with what Cindy and I worked on. So.. we compromised. 

By the time we got there, the sun was setting, so we went on a quick hack to the lake, along the creek, and then up the hill to the XC field. When we first started out, I kind of wanted to see the sunset from the lake so we picked up the trot. Ha ha!! Danny was on power trot mode. Like.... racing standardbred power trot mode. I was giggling the whole way to the lake and almost got trotted out of the saddle. :) We didn't manage to make the sunset, as it had already sunken down past the trees. But it was still a fun hack. 

So then we went to the arena. It was getting dark but we had fun schooling in the dark. :) Dan was pretty good. We ran through 2-1, as I haven't learned 2-3 yet. It definitely still needs help in many many places, but... we at least managed to get through it. And we also messed around with the canter 3 loop serpentine. Which was much much better than the last time we played with it at ashland. We also got some good leg yields and some good shoulder ins. And again, his trot work felt great! The canter was better too. We also did some of the turn on the haunches, which.. didn't feel as great, but we were able to get the canter from the walk out of it again.  We also played with canter walk canter transitions. His downward is much better than his upward. 

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