Saturday, December 15, 2018

Cavaletti and Grid Day!

Fun Day!

Cavaletti start....

  • Ride the transitions.... don't drop him, stay upright, don't soften, put a "period" on it, both the up and down transitions
  • shorten the neck, ride forward into it
  • allow the bend. Bend isn't bad! Don't focus so much on keeping him straight (tracking left) and preventing the right shoulder bulge that you don't allow bend. Use the left rein to lift and soften and get bend in the neck and body

Grid Finish.....
  • hold to the trot poles... don't soften over the first trot poles. And by hold... I mean HOLD THE CONNECTION... KEEP half-halting even if needed!
  • kick my leg in front of me (It was much easier today with the half-pad and the slightly longer stirrups).
  • Bury my hands into his neck. But apparently my T-rex arms don't reach without collapsing my upper body. SO... it got way better when I managed to think about burying them higher up in his mane, almost reaching. 
  • Don't lift him off the ground with my hands
  • LOWER MY HANDS... When I lift my hands, I invert him. And we're battling that already
  • Ride him forward into the connection... bouncy bouncy... otherwise he cheats and just flings himself over



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