Saturday, December 22, 2018

FINALLY!!!! Freakin' weather.... life.... work.....

Yahoo!!!!!! I haven't ridden since Tuesday. I had most of Thursday off but it wouldn't stop raining..... So... Dan has been bouncing off the walls and I have been cranky! But... today, the rain quit, the sun came out, and I had the day off... because it's Saturday. ;) ha! Regardless, we went riding. And.. I opted to just go hack. It's been so long since we've done that.... Man we both needed it!

We headed out and he was a very good boy but forward. Then he settled and got a smidge lazy, but we carried on. We did some trotting and some cantering and then we found ourselves in the hay field.... So I let him canter... and then clucked him for a gallop. He had picked up the gallop but hadn't dropped it into racehorse mode yet (Luckily) when we crossed into the other field and happened upon two riders!! EEEEPPPS! Luckily, or unluckily, it was Shadow and Horse Horse I think. And they were super and didn't flinch as I was trying to get Dan reined in. We didn't quite settle quick enough, but I did bring him back down and apologize to them. They carried on and then turned the other way. Thank goodness, because Dan and I were both itching to go flying!! So we trotted back to the other side of the field waiting for them to get out of sight and then I let him rip. He started off in the canter, then picked up the gallop, and then... he dropped a gear and off we went!!!! It was amazing!!! He was flying!!! Man we both needed that. It took me awhile to pull him up. I started halfway through the field before the dam... and got him pulled up halfway in the next field past the dam. Ha ha... We had fun though. And I don't THINK anyone was around to get riled up. :) (Notice the top speed on the app photo!)

Then we continued on our hack... merrily trotting and cantering our way. Dan was trying to get strong on the creekside path but the footing was too slippery so I made him cooperate. Plus that path is NOT good for a flat out gallop. So he behaved and settled. We ended up meeting up with Deb and Holly for a bit and walked around some more. Then we headed in. 

When I got home and unloaded Dan from the trailer he unloaded without his halter on. Ha ha. It was on the floor, completely buckled up. I guess he rubbed it off on his hay net or something. I've noticed it being half off many times, but he hasn't been successful til today. Good thing we unloaded at home and not at some other farm. ;) Goober. Guess I'll have to pay better attention from now on before I undo the butt bar. 


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