Friday, December 28, 2018

Merry Christmas!!!

Ahhhh... what a lovely Christmas Day. Despite the fact that Mike and I never got around to getting a tree, plugging in the lights that have been on the barn for the last 2 years, hanging the stockings, or even sending Christmas cards. But it was a lovely day. We slept in. I fed the horses and took morning selfies. :)  Danny was actually more cooperative than Fleck. Then I made scrambled eggs with farm fresh eggs from a client. Then Mike and i opened gifts. I got him and I bibles so after we opened them, we read a little bit of the Bible. We had been reading Luke, a chapter a day since Dec 1st. Which was pretty cool to finish the day before. So this morning we read about his birth again in Matthew. Then we decided to go ride ponies. :) 

It was a pretty day and both boys were good. We just walked for about an hour. It was a nice break for Dan and I and Fleck enjoyed himself immensely. 

Mike and I enjoyed the rest of the day together and the boys even got naked time! 

After our ride Mike took a nap so I ended up cleaning out the car and then I gave Dan his Christmas present. It was a dog toy that squeaked. It was long and I thought he'd like twirling it. But... I guess he was all riled up anyways and when I squeaked it, I scared him. So he and Fleck were all snorty about it. I tossed it out there and Dan was sniffing it. And then... he picked it up mid toy, instead of at the end. And when he did, he made it squeak. Ha ha... I almost peed my pants I was laughing at him so hard. This is the look he gave me after... the look of betrayal! Oh Dan... I'm sorry buddy... 

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