Sunday, August 20, 2017

And it all comes crashing down.....

Oh dan.....

So..... I couldn't even write this til way later....

After our fun XC school on Friday, the plan was to stay overnight at Jumping Branch and then go to Bubba's on Saturday. Since Dan and I were just there with Kelly we were just going to go and do stadium and then maybe go for a gallop on the track and then a swim. But... we never got the chance.

I'm a complete dummy and made a terrible terrible choice. It was such a hot long day and Peri and I were both tired and hungry so we put the horses in stalls and went to eat. Everyone else was staying on site and celebrating Jamie's birthday, but we were just tired of being hot and hungry so we opted to go out to eat. Afterwards I wanted to come back and say hi to Jamie and check on Dan. And I was even thinking of turning him out as the paddocks were available. We didn't put them out earlier because the only paddocks that were open were in the sun. Anyways... point being... we came back after dinner and decided to toss the boys out for the night. Honestly, it was a little bit of lazyness. The others had wrapped their horses and I was feeling guilty for not doing the same... and it was easier to just turn them out. Plus I figured he'd enjoy being out. So we did. Well, I took his hay net out of the stall and went to hang it on the paddock fence. The fence was slightly short so I thought briefly about just tossing his hay out. But I didn't... because I was tired and wanted to go shower and go to bed.

And there yah go. When you hear that little voice... HEED IT!!

The next morning I got a text from Beth saying that my horse had broken a board in the 10 minutes they were up. Apparently after seeing Dan stand in one place for 10 minutes and noticing the broken board, they realized something might be wrong and went to investigate. Dan was hung in my hay net. He didn't get hung in the net itself but in the straps I used to hang it. Sigh.. They had to cut him out. Who know's how long he was stuck too because he immediately went and drank a good bit of water they said. So his right front leg was stuck and swollen. They trotted him out and he was lame... but in the hind end!! Not the front.

I got there shortly after and Beth jogged Dan for me. She was thinking left hind, but I thought I saw right hind. So then I checked his pelvis and adjusted his sacrum. And yeah... I crippled him!! I made him 3 legged! Luckily he quickly worked out of it but he was very lame. So.. I panicked. I texted the video to Dr. Brown, but didn't even realize that he was so close since we were in Aiken. I called Aiken Equine and ended up taking Dan there. She did a rectal to make sure he didn't fracture his pelvis. She said that she didn't feel anything but it was hard to tell. So at that point Dr. Brown had texted me back and told me to bring him to him. So we got Peri to Bubba's and she did her lesson and I adjusted Rusty for Danielle. And then we headed to Dr. Browns.
Holy Crud!!! I broke him!

Phew, better, but still bad

Okay.... I didn't cripple him completely
Dr Brown looked at him and said that he thought he tore his middle gluteal or accessory gluteal muscles. Okay... that's a lot better than a pelvic fracture or tendon injury.

So... yeah.... Dr. Brown suggested 3 months off and that I go to a vet in Aiken who could ultrasound him and confirm.

Which AEC's for us... no more being tied for 2nd on the leaderboard for BN horses.....
Yep.... sucks big time.

(And yes... I'm very grateful that he didn't break his leg or his neck... and it's just the AEC's... but still!!!! Sooooooo disappointing!)

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