Friday, August 11, 2017

Spotted Baby T-Rex

Rawwwwrrrrrr!!! Danny was a wild man!

Clearly Danny needs more than one ride going into a horse show. This week was sucky so I got my lesson on Tuesday, wimped out Thursday and tried to nap instead of riding, and then... today we left for Windridge. He hauled great and was great on the grounds....He settled into his stall and was good. I tacked up and then he went bonkers. Well not really. Not really bonkers, but he did get sassy. He was spooking at something in the woods behind us while we walked to dressage to warm up. But he was also trying to bolt, so he was spinning to look behind him, then anxious to catch up to others ahead so was jigging and carpiole-ing... then spinning back to spook behind him. Then on the road he was piaffing in place. He was a goober. But then we got to warm up and I just walked him around for 10 minutes and he settled.
So then Beth said that she had a new plan for Mighty (thanks to me actaully... with the turn on the forehand being good for the SI joints) that she thought would be good for Mighty. She had me do a turn on the forehand both directions to start and then a turn on the forehand both ways. She said that it would get Dan thinking and using his body and ready to work. And it did. :) After a meltdown. ;) So yeah.. we actually got pretty good totf and toth in both directions after a little bit of work. Dan does not want to move that right hind over. The key in the turn on the haunches is to keep him moving foward a step then sideways then forward then sideways. That makes it more effective than just spinning on the haunches. But for turn on the forehand he needs to pivot pretty much. But NO backwards in either. So.. it took a bit but we got it figured out.

Then we went to work. Ha!! Dan was SOOOOOO Mad at life. He threw a huge temper tantrum. He was behind my leg and kept getting all balled up instead of going forward. Then he got so mad he did his tongue flinging head flinging hissy fit. The one where his tongue snakes out to his eyeballs and ears... Finally he got over it and we finished with some fairly decent work.  And at the very end I noticed that he had a cute little inchworm on his head. ;) Hee hee. POOR inchworm!!!
Take aways
- start EVERY ride now with turn on the forehand and turn on the haunches.. it'll engage that hind end and make the work easier
-tracking right... he wants to over bend at the neck, not wrap around my inside leg, and drift out with the left shoulder. To correct this.... GET the inside rib cage, keep my inside elbow at my side and almost hold it there... to encourage him to hold that contact, and use my outside thigh to block the outside shoulder. I want to keep his head between his shoulders.. no over bending. Ride him straight!
-tracking left.... he still wants to throw his left shoulder out, so.... lift my inside hand to encourage the correct bend, and keep my outside hand still at my rib cage, so that he can't pull it forward and extend that right side of his body.
-So tracking left... I have to keep him on all four feet square by shortening the right side of his body and tracking right, to keep him squarely on all four feet, I have to shorten the left side of his body....

So yeah.. hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better and we won't have the spotted baby t-rex. Jamie said that she was going to make t-shirts... Jurassic Eventing... starring Baby Brontasaurus and Baby Spotted T-rex. ;)

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