Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Aftermath

So.... I took Dan to Dr. Gillis, an ultrasound specialist in Aiken to confirm Dr. Browns diagnosis. That man is brilliant. He was spot on. Dan tore his middle gluteal as well as the accessory gluteal. He also has a partial tear of the tendon of insertion of his accessory gluteal. Sigh... estimated 4-8 months recovery.

Dr. Gillis wants him on stall rest 24/7 with 40 minutes of hand walking daily (4 10 minute sessions or 2 20 minutes sessions). We compromised and I'm allowed to ride him because I told her he'd likely be much more contained if I was on him. So... we get to walk for 25 minutes under saddle 4 times a week or so and then do the hand walks the rest of the time.

For the most part he's been doing okay. I decided that I was going to cheat and put him in the round pen at night. Partly because I'm afraid he'll kill me or himself if I don't, and partly because Fleck is having to be in "jail" too and it would be too hard for Fleck to be on stall rest 24/7. So he's getting drugs to keep him contained and lots and lots of hay.

 All this walking makes Dan hungry.

And still more walking.... but seriously.. what a good horse!

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