Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stadium Goofies

Today Liz and I met up at Ashland for some jumping fun. She helped me with Fleck and then we swapped out for Dan and Party. Liz wanted to jump so we headed up to the stadium ring. We warmed up briefly and then she hopped around. Then she wanted to see what Dan did. Hee hee.. Oh my. I told her that he just still wasn't figuring it out. So we trotted up to the vertical and lo and behold.. he actually sort of corrected himself and jumped it pretty well! Whoo hoooo!! And then when we came back to it, he got in deep and deer jumped over it. Doh. 

Goofies to watch later when we're running prelim! 


Nailed it 

So then we did a little line and he was okay over the first one and then got long, so he took a flyer. So then we tried again and he got in fine to the first and short to the second, and deer jumped it. Doh. So we then trotted towards the coop, which he cantered the last two strides, but he got the distance and jumped it nice so we quit with that. 

Silly goober. I really hope he figures this out. He's awful at it!!! And I don't know how to help him. But I know... he needs to learn how to adjust/rate better first. And he's still an awkward baby. 

So then we headed to the lake for a little splash party. Even after jumping in the ring, Dan was super hoppy and bouncy. :) On the way back, Liz left us and hopped over a few fences. And Dan used that as an excuse to get hoppy again. I decided that while it may backfire, we would hop down the bank and over a few fences. He was actually super good. He got a little fresh but was rideable and we accomplished it. 

So whoo hooo! Fun day. 

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