Saturday, August 1, 2015

Open fields

Oh my!! He is so fun! 

Today we went to the XC field and worked on our flat work out there. Dan was very forward and energetic, but not running away with me. Almost. ;) But not. I had a hard time containing that shoulder, but I didn't lose it. We got some nice work even. I worked on the canter transitions and I wasn't quite getting them from the walk, but was getting them consistently at the trot. Whooo hoo. Fair enough.

So then I decided to try cantering in more than just a circle. And he was good. We cantered along the bottom of the field like if we were doing a XC course. And he behaved. So then I decided I would canter him over the 3 canter bounce logs. As he came up to it, I got smart, and pulled him off. Not exactly a fair question for a youngster. We haven't exactly mastered cantering single fences, much less 2 bounces! But I did think it would be okay to ask him to canter the two logs on a two stride. He happily did it, but his stride is so long, we ended up with a long 1. But he went happily. :) So then we quietly cantered the other log and headed to the lake.

He was a bit spooky looking at the lake through the woods. I was wondering what he was spooking at because I didn't notice anything. But then when we hit the lake in the open, I saw the fisherman on the boat. Hee hee. We splashed a bit and headed in. 

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