Sunday, May 4, 2014

Water baby

Oh my... I think I've created a monster!!! Danny is like a little kid at the pool. You can't get him out!

I took Fleck for some fitness work and decided I might as well bring Dan along. After the fitness with Fleck, I grabbed Dan and we headed out. He was a bit spunky so poor Fleck had to do another little loop with some trotting. But they were both well behaved. Then we headed to the lake. I figured Danny could play while Fleck soaked. And Danny played and played and played!!! He was hilarious. He was splashing like a fiend. Then he tried to roll. Then he went for a swim. Then he splashed some more. Then went for another swim. Then another. Then splashed some more. Then came up to Fleck and tried to get as close as he could, splashing away, trying to see how far he could push Fleck. hee hee. brat!

I basically dropped his lead rope and just let him play for 20 minutes. He never thought about taking off. He just wanted to play. Goof!!
 Fun in the lake
More fun in the lake
Still more fun in the lake
and it keeps going....
and more...

Such a goober.... love this guy!

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