Friday, April 25, 2014

Love his work ethic!

Oh Danny boy.... such a good kid!

I had a jump lesson with Fleck and took Danny with us to work with him. After I rode Fleck, I took Dan out of the trailer, where he had sat patiently...oh, he's so good! I groomed him and went ahead and put the saddle on him and his bridle and we went to the ring. 

As we got to the ring, a metal trailer came down the drive and made a huge ruckus! Danny got super excited and was like "WHAT Is that?!?!". He spun to look at it and did a few little rears. But he didn't get too rowdy and was easy to maintain control of. I was even able to get him to yield his shoulder and his hind end. And while he was still looking at the trailer, he listened. Then he settled down and we set off to work. The horse then unloaded from the trailer, making another ruckus. Dan looked up and started, but continued to work through. 

I was so proud!!! Any horse, Fleck included, would have started at the noise. And Danny was a little rowdy, but then went right to work. So proud of him!

We lunged and worked on crouching tiger, which he's just about got down pat. We did lots of changes in gait and changes in direction. Then we did some work in the side reins. hee hee. He definitely has an opinion on those, but man is he pretty when he really reaches into that connection! We also did a few steps of canter without the side reins. He's getting it. He understands the upward transition cue but just can't/won't hold the canter.  But that's okay. At least he's not bolting off anymore. :)

He didn't even work up a sweat. Egads.. maybe he's already too fit! ;)

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