Friday, May 16, 2014

Drunk Baby Rides

Hee hee... Not me!!! Him!

Danny was good today too! I lunged him just for a few minutes and then got on. We walked all around the parking lot and into the arena. We even did some trot circles in the arena. Drunken circles!! ha ha. BUT... we accomplished it. There was a few little mini temper tantrums of him wanting to go one way and me insisting, but I kept winning. At one point, in an effort to win, we had to "jump" the dressage arena. Hee hee. It "bit" him on the back legs but he didn't freak out. We even walked down centerline. :) hee hee. He wasn't scared of the judges booth either.

Then we walked up the hill and around the little tree grove and then around the other tree grove and over a log. Yay!!
 ha ha.... NO!!! I will NOT walk!

And today his trot was bigger! Not mincy. It was great.

I'm getting so excited about him!!!

Helmet cam videos...
Silly baby

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