Monday, April 7, 2014

Down bank success

So... Dan and I went for a pony ride with Fleck. Danny was pretty good. I didn't have too much time so we didn't do a ton, but we had fun. We finished in the XC field so I decided that since we were there, I should see if I could pony Dan down the down bank into the water. He tends to be just fine for down banks and just fine for going into the water, but trying to go down the bank into the water confuses him. 

So we went into the water and up the bank and he was fine. Then we turned around and tried to go down it. Fleck and I did, and Danny stayed up top. It took a few minutes and some encouragement but he eventually pawed and then hopped down. Yay!! Lots of praise. And right back to it. The second time took a little bit less time and by the third time he only hesitated briefly! Yay!!! Lots of praise. 

And he stood quite nicely for his hoof picking today. :) 

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