Friday, April 25, 2014

More ponying... different views

I decided to take Fleck to the horse park for a ride today and Dan was hanging out at the gate begging to come, so I took him too. 
 We got there and both boys were groomed. It was starting to drizzle/spit, but what the heck. We are here, might as well. It actually didn't do much more than mist, so we were fine. Both boys were pretty darn good. We even jumped the double logs back by the parking lot. Although I did lose Dan the first time over! Doh... He jumped a little more left than Fleck and there was a pole sticking up so I had to let go of the rope. But we caught him just fine and went back over it and he was great. :) 

A good fun day. I think we logged 3.9 miles today. Not too much, but I don't want Danny TOO fit before I start riding him again. ;) 
 I know this is Fleck... but Danny was too busy chomping on the trees. ;)

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